LONDON CITY SOCCER CLUB   [celebrating 45 years of existence]

London City activitys is the promotion of sport and sporting talents, especially in soccer. Our priority is proper guidance of young soccer talent, the work order and discipline, and their promotion in professional soccer clubs around the world.What is missing today in a Canadian soccer is the lack of professional clubs and any further actively professional engagement in soccer ends with player’s adulthood [U18].We want to change that.

We bring pro soccer player in Canada to help us make a better quality of soccer and give a chance young Canadian soccer talent to play with those pro soccer players.With so many talents in Canada they don’t know what to do after U18 High School. Most of them going away or simply disappear from soccer radar. We going to give them opportunity to work & play [after U18], professionally.Our main motivation is we want to create technically skilled soccer players. Players learn the skills that will make them valuable additions to any program or team beyond their youth soccer careers. 

They will work with our pro coaches and players from Europe.It is our belief that only solid individuals can become exceptional players, so we start with a base of work ethic, discipline, respect, and a generally positive, but focused, approach to sports, academics, and beyond. There is not only a talent but also hard, hard work.

If you need a more Info ask us, don’t wait. Thank you.